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Cube 1/2 wii Port

by Lexen on 01/12/2009 04:40, 18 messages, last message: 12/12/2010 14:54, 4537 views, last view: 05/14/2022 23:54, closed on 12/12/2010 15:10

Hey guys, I was wondering if a wii port of cube would be possible. Is there any interest in it? The wii homebrew community is so active that I thought it would bring some fans your way if they could download it and play it for the wii.

I know that you ported cube to the iPhone and that you can use a wiimote with the computer version of the game, so from my admittedly ignorant point of view, it doesn't seem impossible.

Let me know what you think.


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#1: ..

by Quin on 01/12/2009 05:52

I have investigated the issue, and require the SDL port to mature more first. I do a bit of homebrew myself on the Wii, just mucking around.

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#2: ..

by Acord on 01/12/2009 19:55

Just don\'t stick BF on that sucker \'till we\'re out of beta :D

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#3: ..

by SheeEttin on 10/28/2009 04:32

Without a Wii port of libGL, it is apparently not possible.

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#4: ..

by scanf on 10/28/2009 06:20

The SDL port is now very compatible and there is a working GL wrapper.

I've actually spent a little time porting Cube 1 to Wii. It's about 70% complete but there are bugs I need to work out before any release.

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#5: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 10/28/2009 06:50, refers to #4

If by "GL wrapper" you mean gl2gx, then I'm not sure what you did that I didn't.

I spent about the last two weeks (on and off) trying to get it to compile. Everything works fine up until when I need to link in libGL.

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#6: Re: ..

by scanf on 10/28/2009 06:56, refers to #5

Yes gl2gx.

The lib does not work but the source is a good start for writing your own GL wrapper.

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#7: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 10/28/2009 07:20, refers to #6

Care to share (even only a few pointers or links)?
I definitely do not have the wherewithal to learn OpenGL, GX, AND port a library.

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#8: SVN

by scanf on 10/28/2009 19:11

After chatting with SheeEttin a little last night I've set up an SVN over at sourceforge - https://sourceforge.net/projects/cubeenginewii/ for anyone who's interested in contributing to the Wii port.

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#9: Re: Cube Wii

by WayaW on 11/06/2009 22:33

After trying Quake GX on Wii, this is the first thing I thought to myself. Im glad to see im not the only one. 8D

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#10: Re: Cube Wii

by Ishkur on 11/07/2009 03:16, refers to #9

If this actually works, I may use my Wii 5000% more. (Which is still only about 2% of my day, seeing I use it five minutes a week)

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#11: Re: Cube Wii

by SheeEttin on 11/07/2009 07:09, refers to #10

It's getting there.
Feel free to get the source, compile, and fix some of the outstanding issues.

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#12: ..

by JJman on 11/11/2009 02:48

I don't really care about a wii port, although I do own a wii. You need a xbox port, since you can get a detachable mini keyboard for you xbox controller.

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#13: Re: ..

by scanf on 11/11/2009 05:38, refers to #12

The Wii version supports wireless USB keyboard and mouse. You don't even need any special gear, just a common old PC keyboard and mouse.

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#14: Re: ..

by tentus_ on 11/11/2009 19:25, refers to #13

True fax. I have a Logitech EX110 that works just fine with the Wii.

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#15: ..

by JJman on 11/14/2009 18:00

How do you connect a keyboard and mouse to a wii? I'd use my wii way more if I new how.

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#16: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 11/14/2009 21:21, refers to #15

Through the USB ports in the back.
Note that they're only useful for software that supports a USB mouse or keyboard, which, at the moment, is mostly just homebrew.

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#17: Re: ..

by Quin on 11/15/2009 01:51, refers to #16

And the Opera browser, which of course opens you up to a whole world of Web 2.0 apps. There are also tons of Flash sites dedicated to the Wii.

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#18: Message censored by administrator

by MushroomQuillrForumFats on 12/12/2010 14:54

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