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Cube2 For Kids - Sandbox Beta2Test1 Release Featuring Carts!

by PlatinumArts on 01/14/2008 23:49, 43 messages, last message: 08/30/2008 20:03, 39904 views, last view: 09/21/2021 02:16, closed on 08/30/2008 21:06

[url=http://PlatinumArts.Net/ccount/click.php?id=23]Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.0 Test 1 Release[/url]

Here is the test1 release of Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.0. Platinum Arts Sandbox focuses on making cube 2 accessible for kids and on making it as easy as possible to create games. This is a big upgrade from Beta 1.2. There are however a few things I could really use some help in testing/improving:
- Help improving cart code/animations. I do have a folder included of quin's "cart fix" but I have been unsuccessful in implementing it
- Help cleaning up weapon code and testing to make sure monsters/weapons/any violence is removed
- Tutorials
- Strange saving of sauermod (put it in my documents)
- Test that all weapons and monsters are out/inaccessible to players
- Help improving textures/look of sandbox
- Better menu / quick menu featuring mapmodels
- Additional scenery maps / racetrack maps
- Getting movable boxes in and working (the box models have been included)

Here are the key improvements featured in this version:
- Codebase updated to the Winter 2007 Edition
- Cart mode complete with a new model
- WIP castle map for regular mode and a WIP race track for cart mode
- Lots of weapon/monster code cleanup. Removed weapon.h, rpg code, lava doesn't kill anymore, etc
- new ogre model for 3rd person mode
- new texture set which should hopefully look a lot better than the previous textures
- defaults to SP mode
- moving platform and elevator featured in castle map
- project files have been cleaned up

Any help testing and helping improving sandbox would be greatly appreciated. I especially want to get the cartmode looking and working a little better. Thanks for your time and interest. Take care.

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#24: Bug

by Nomad on 01/26/2008 17:01

I was just playing around in the Sandbox and found a little bug...I was running around and building some more to my tutorial when I tested to see if you respawn ok...and I fell and respawned right above where I died!
It repeated to where I had to quit Sauer.

Odd huh?

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#25: Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.0 Release Featuring Carts!

by PlatinumArts on 01/28/2008 01:52

Platinum Arts Sandbox is a game design tool that allows users to quickly and easily create their own worlds, even cooperatively. It is free, open source, and easy to use. It is quickly picking up steam and is currently being used at a Middle School in Illinois and was used at the Summer Kids Camp at Mildred Elley College. In addition several other schools have contacted me about using it in their programs.

This release has so many new features that there is no way I could give it justice in only a few sentences. It has been updated far beyond the 1.2 version in so many ways. Here are the key improvements featured in this version:
- Driveable Carts via kartmode complete with a hovercart model
- New ogre model for 3rd person mode (press 9 to use it!)
- Codebase significantly updated including md5 support!
- New menu (still very much WIP, but features lots of cool stuff!!)
- Many New Maps: Floating Island Castle, House, ParticleShowcase (shows off all the cool particle effects!!), an updated tutorial map and a race track for kartmode!
- Lots of code cleanup thanks to the hard work of Hirato!!
- New higher quality texture set including lava!
- Moving platforms and elevators (featured in the castle map)

This release is mainly thanks to these great guys:
Hirato: Massive contributor to this release through coding, mapping, the new menu, etc. Without him this release wouldn't be nearly as solid and advanced.
Quin: Contributed Cart Code
Geartrooper: Contributed Cart Models
Cube 2 Community: Providing constantly updated source code and various other help and support

Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.0 Downloads
Need help or information? Check out our new Wiki!
In addition I would like to point out the addition of a new screenshot gallery featuring a house created by two 6 and 7 year old sisters!

As a note we are moving very fast now thanks to Hirato's awesome help so check back for future updates and releases! Take care and I hope you are enjoying Platinum Arts Sandbox!

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#26: ..

by Nomad on 01/31/2008 21:43

Awsome! Checking it out now!

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#27: ok

by Nomad on 02/02/2008 03:39

Well......IT IS SWEET! The kart animations are correct,better levels,WAY better kart track,and BTW nice particle showcase. ;)

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#28: Re: ..

by AzraelUK on 02/02/2008 17:50, refers to #20

The guns are implemented in the FPS mode, which you wouldn't have to go anywhere near. Just make the .bat file load up the sandbox game instead of fps, and you're sorted.

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#29: YES!

by Nomad on 02/02/2008 19:47

ok here is my link...


then there is a tutorial part to also coming soon..

NOTE:This was made with the Sandbox beta1!!! Not sandbox beta2!

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#30: ..

by CC_machine//ubby7.04 on 02/03/2008 20:13

Your platform does not have a pre-compiled sandbox client.
Please follow the following steps to build a native client:
1) Ensure you have the SDL, SDL-image, SDL-mixer, and OpenGL libraries installed.
2) Change directory to src/ and type \"make install\".
3) If the build succeeds, return to this directory and run this script again.

you even wrote this yourself. why no Linux client? >_>

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#31: Re: linux not pre-compiled

by MeatROme on 02/04/2008 03:19, refers to #30

maybe he doesn't have a working linux installation handy ... but there's tons of people I bet would be more than willing to provide him with binaries on a (ir-)regular basis.
But if it's irregular that'd lead to a ton of help requests that would lament about this/that not working ... just because they don't know the linux binaries might be out-of-date in regard to the EXE.
In the end - there's (nearly) no wizadry involved in compiling it, if the source is intact.

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#32: Re: ..

by Hirato Kirata on 02/04/2008 12:41, refers to #30

I compiled the linux binary, unfortunately I never renamed it from native client to linux client, so don't forget the
mv bin_unix/native_client bin_unix/linux_client

and probably the same for the server. and considering you're on linux (I suspect calimer was smart enough to NOT remove the source) you should be able to compile the client yourself. though you may need to do a few levels of fromdos (eg fromdos */*) to make sure everything is in UNIX format, so enet will actually compile.

All the info is on the wiki http://kids.platinumarts.net/wiki

oh yeah, don't forget chmod +x bin_unix/*

~Hirato Kirata

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#33: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 02/04/2008 21:07, refers to #32

The mv, chmod, etc. can all be appended to the Makefile.
Might want to make any necessary changes upstream (hint, hint).

As a matter of fact, I modified my Sauer Makefile to make symlinks to the binary, rather than copy it to the bin directory... Save a little space.

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#34: Concerning Linux

by Hirato Kirata on 02/06/2008 06:56

I've rewritten the unix script, to cater for the chmod +x and to do far fewer checks. mostly as I think they're unneeded.

Secondly I just uploaded a build.sh script to the SVN. that'll check for the most critical of files, cater to the DOS2UNIX conversions, client creation, and enet compilation. as we all know with enet, if there's a makefile there, and the .deps were deleted, it won't compile.

it'll be included in the next release/patch

~Hirato Kirata

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#35: cool

by farcry.15.w00t on 02/15/2008 20:12

i saw this on moddb and thought cool a game like sauerbraten i started it up and go this is sauerbraten! i like all the new textures and the fact that i can play it at school or whatever where they say "no shooting games"

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#36: ..

by Nomad on 03/01/2008 03:44


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#37: Re: wow

by SheeEttin on 08/30/2008 05:28, refers to #37

Hmm... Maybe an easily machine-readable captcha isn't going to keep everyone out. :P

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#38: Re: gamesavor

by _scanff on 08/30/2008 05:47, refers to #38

Cool thanks I'll check them out :)

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#39: Message censored by administrator

by SheeEttin on 08/30/2008 06:09

#40: Message censored by administrator

by _scanff on 08/30/2008 08:06, refers to #40

#41: Message censored by administrator

by _scanff on 08/30/2008 09:52

#42: ..

by MovingTarget on 08/30/2008 15:43

Wow, I never new someone could/would go this far... until now.

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#43: Message censored by administrator

by noerrorsfound92992 on 08/30/2008 20:03

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