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Sauerbraten rated worst Open Source FPS?

by SanHolo on 12/30/2007 22:54, 131 messages, last message: 11/25/2017 23:24, 104393 views, last view: 02/06/2023 00:13, closed on 11/25/2017 23:38

There's an article over at Slashdot that links a report of linux-gamers.net which compared 7 open source shooters. Since the site is slashdotted ATM, all I can get from /. is the ranking: (best to worst) Warsow, Tremulous, World of Padman, Nexuiz, Alien Arena, OpenArena, and Sauerbraten.

I hope the site will be back online soon to see their arguments... :P

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#112: arggg WHY!!!!!!

by ATIRULE on 01/29/2008 00:24


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#113: ..

by James007 on 01/29/2008 01:07

because god says so.

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#114: My Best Games List

by Sprintersoft on 01/29/2008 01:27

I would have put (best to worst):

- OpenArena
- Sauerbraten
- Nexuiz
- Warsow
- Tremulous
- Alien Arena
- World of Padman

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#115: Re: arggg WHY!!!!!!

by SheeEttin on 01/29/2008 04:56, refers to #112

Everyone has an opinion. They feel compelled to share it.

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#116: ..

by djkgtm on 02/12/2008 05:55

to me its Warsow & Nexuiz and then Sauerbraten ;P

i played tremulous, WoP, Open Arena but i didn\'t like them .. for Alien Arena: can\'t say anything about that one as i never played it

somehow gamplay in Warsow (awsome movement) & Nexuiz is far smoother than in Sauerbraten, because - as you said - its more balanced

the Sauerbraten Engine is amazing!! i really enjoy editing ingame - just messing around with things...

i hope that in future things will be tweaked a bit and then i believe Sauerbraten may be on top of that list ;)

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#117: what's the big deal

by farcry15 on 02/15/2008 20:05

uh chill guys they're all just free ripoffs of quake 3 only slightly different. Sauerbraten has its own engine and just steals quake textures.=D

and why does the spellcheck here not know how to spell sauerbraten?

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#118: Re: what's the big deal

by demosthenes on 02/15/2008 21:00, refers to #117

If you're using Firefox, it's built into your browser. There is no spellcheck here.

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#119: Re: polish

by Blindman on 02/16/2008 23:56, refers to #99

yep. I've been running et servers for years, but I like sauerbraten for its simplicity.

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#120: My ratings and why...

by Mustelidae on 02/18/2008 20:10

1) Nexuiz- great weapons, good balance, fun maps, and unlaggy multiplayer (at least on my computer)
2) Sauerbraten- Unique, great maps, great community : ), and very fun multiplayer. Lack of player models keep it from glory but it\\\'s hard to find good modelers these days.
3) Tremulous- The concept has been used multiple times (Natural Selection). but it\\\'s fun and has pretty good maps.
4) Alien Arena- very funny game with a funny art style (50\\\'s sci-fi)
5) Warsow- movements are cool, but weapons aren\\\'t very veried. Some maps get old. Kinda ugly.
6) W.O.P.- Very funny, gametypes are unique, but gameplay gets old... fast!

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#121: Sauerbraten...

by Osbios on 02/19/2008 20:01

I really liked Tremulous. But the Network Code isn't the best so it lags like hell on any big fight. (I have 1Mbit/128KBit ADSL)

Sauerbraten have a quiet different network code. Extrem Performance, but also inviting for cheating.

But I think the bad Points are the Features Sauerbraten DON'T have right now.

Look how easy you can create a map!

Singleplayer: Then it gos to scripting. Text only and you have to reload the map... still possible to learn. But there are so many limits right now. You cant even set a patrol path for a Monster or make a short ingame movie with a flying camera... etc

Multiplayer: There is one big thing I still dont understand... why are there no team respawns??? This is something so easy to implement for somebody who knows the code.

I think you get my point. Sauerbraten is like a half polished diamond. ;)

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#122: Re: Sauerbraten...

by smartalco on 02/19/2008 23:03, refers to #121

isn't your spawn location based on the flags your team has captured in CTF?

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#123: ..

by ATIRULE on 02/20/2008 04:01

team spawns should \\\"USEing face capture as a example atmL\\\" red should spawn on one side and blue on the other

maby a /newent playerstartred

and /newent playerstartblue
so the mappers can decide who spawns where

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#124: Re: 3 tries? Ouch.

by tentus_ on 02/20/2008 04:35, refers to #123

What introduce two new entities when it would be much easier to just add a value to the existing ent? Have entproperty 1 (not to be confused with entproperty 0, the yaw) default 0 to everyone, and then 1 + defined in the map cfg to fit. That way a clever mapper could have half a dozen flavors of playerstart, from all blue team to mostly blue team to 50-50, and on down the other side of the scale.

Alternate idea: have something similar to the AIclip material that clips a specific team, so any playerstart positioned inside a cube of that mat would be available for only one team: the engine would automatically find a different playerstart for respawning players. This mat would also make "safe zone" a possibility.

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#125: ..

by scasd on 02/20/2008 17:25

You actually dont need new items for such functionality. One just have to adjust the spawn code so dudes are spawned near the flags which their teams own. It is just a little distance check between the spawn points and flags - maybe its done already ? it seems so to me.

Your solution would not work, because no one knows which team owns which flag in the editing phase except you also could create items like base_evil/base_good.

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#126: wsw #1

by xlr8or on 03/04/2008 23:19

warsow has the most entertaining movement possibilities, you'll need to learn them to know why its #1.

Its the funniest and most rewarding game of the set.

Make a Sauerbraten mod featuring the www.promode.org's CPM gameplay and you'll definately be #1 for all the people at www.esreality.com

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#127: ..

by Hirato Kirata on 03/04/2008 23:51

my ratings will place sauerbraten first, mostly due to eihrul's excellent enet library which alows you to play fair with anyone regardless of ping. And let's not be so blunt and forget the so easy to use map editor.

My experience with all the other games weren't great at all, due to the fact that absolutely all the servers with any players on them had 300+ pings, which meant I was practically a sitting duck as no one ever bothered to program in an adequate form of 'anti-lag'. yes I know nexuiz has an antilag svar, but it pretty much does nothing from past experience with it. Open arena has a few mods with it, (though I've only seen one). About the rest I don't know, as the lag made it quite unappealing to actually bother finding out.

I'm pretty sure my opinion speaks for more than just myself.

~Hirato Kirata

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#128: Re: ..

by MovingTarget on 03/05/2008 01:29, refers to #127

Ummm... you must have tried to find servers on a BAD day, 'cuz I just looked, and on Warsow, 23 servers with people in them under 300 ping (and 8 of them were under 100), and in Nexuiz, 20.

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#129: Re: ..

by Passa on 03/05/2008 12:04, refers to #127

I feel the same was as Hirato, Sauerbraten's netcode makes it instant win, no more raging about lag when you get killed :) (Sauerbraten just lacks the presentation and polish of some of those other 'free' FPS games)

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#130: Re: ents

by Q009 on 03/05/2008 12:49, refers to #125

Thats a good idea! It's the way to CTF...

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#131: That List is Shit asf

by FiRESKiLL903 on 11/25/2017 23:24

That list is really good cause all of these games (or atleast OpenArena) have a certain similiarity to Sauer. Im looking forward to check the remaining ones out..

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