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Test Screenshots - "Caves"

by marcpullen2 on 06/16/2007 23:12, 23 messages, last message: 06/21/2007 16:36, 8062 views, last view: 01/27/2022 05:47

I'm working on a map for Sauerbraten, thought I'd share some pics of what I have so far.

The general idea is you have a small town or a few small houses with the "good" people, and a vampire like underground castle down in the caves.

Each of the pics are 64x480 and about 30-80 KB in size.

I'm having some issues with the shadows from trees that I haven't figured out. Is there a good method to getting the dark areas subtly brighter? Like a single light entity that can bring up the entire map light level?













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#4: ..

by Julius on 06/17/2007 11:58

Nice screens, would probably fit into the Eisenstern RPG pretty good also.

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#5: ..

by absinth on 06/17/2007 16:35

>Nice screens, would probably fit into the Eisenstern RPG pretty good also.

i thought the very same thing ;-)

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#6: Re: ..

by kurtis84 on 06/17/2007 16:49, refers to #5

Very nice Marc! Looking awsome.

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#7: Re: ..

by _Fanatic on 06/18/2007 15:38, refers to #1

I have tried those different settings, and I already have a sun. The problem is the tree models are quite thick and block the sun below them really well. So you can't see a lot of the details on the ground up top (e.g. above ground above the caves). Adding a second sun source messes up the textures bump mapping, so that helps with the shade, but messes up texture shading/bump mapping (two light sources hitting the same surface makes for additive lighting and washes out the face).

I think I'll have to add smaller lights below the trees carefully to bring up the light level there. Maybe do a slight light green to make it look like the light is diffused through the green leaves, that might look cool.

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#8: Lighting

by CnTfhdjsisfhjkasd on 06/19/2007 03:31

If you could hex edit a custom lightmap back into the map, then this would work:

Save the lightmap from sauerbraten to an image (already possible)

Use Photoshop or some program to brighten it.

Then hex edit the new lightmap back into the OGZ map over the other one.

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#9: ..

by dcp on 06/19/2007 06:38

very promising screenshots. would like to see the map in action. lol, too sad, that my gfx-card is still the same as some years ago, when i was a bit more active here, modelling and stuff... now the sauer engine has much more features but too much for the old fx5200 whore... ;-)

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#10: Re: light level on the map

by MeatROme on 06/19/2007 09:35, refers to #7

What about using "ambient" to increase minimal lighting of the level? But it can be touch-n-go with mixing interior & exterior - or anything where you'd like to keep some areas nice and dark.
So probably multiple minimal light entities is the best way to go, albeit a tedious road ...

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#11: Re: ..

by kurtis84 on 06/19/2007 23:56, refers to #7

Give it a good amount of skylight...say 120 or so. Also, are you compiling lights with calclight 3?...those trees should be letting light through. I spent a lot of time with those models/skins, to be sure they do. :)

BTW, I don't think you'll want or need to use ambient, as long as you use skylight at a bright enough level. Consider that everywhere there is sky showing, is a light emitter...similar other games that allowed the sky textures to emit light ( quake2 for example )

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#12: wow

by Aardappel_ on 06/20/2007 01:12

That looks VERY atmospheric Marc.

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#13: Re: ..

by marcpullen2 on 06/20/2007 02:28, refers to #11

Now that is weird. I have been using the GUI menu for lighting and I always use the first one for the highest quality.

I ran /calclight 3 via the console and that looks f'ing awesome now!

Checking menus.cfg, that is only a level of 2:

guibutton "recompute lights (SLOW: 8xAA, model shadows)" "calclight 2"

Why is 3 not an option on the menu?

I need to go back and redo the lighting on my older maps...

Thanks for the tip!

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#14: Re: ..

by Aardappel_ on 06/20/2007 07:18, refers to #13

its called cutting edge game development :P

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#15: ..

by Julius on 06/20/2007 13:06

Screenshots or it didn\'t happen :)

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#16: Re: ..

by _Fanatic on 06/20/2007 15:29, refers to #15

I got a lot done last night with another building and cave area. I'll take some screenshots tonight of /calclight 2 and /calclight 3 tonight to show the difference.

Even with a lightprecision of 128, /calclight 3 looks amazing. :)

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#17: wow

by rock.n.rol on 06/20/2007 19:51

Man, the screenshots look awesome !!!
Very nice details !

Please, keep it up ;)

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#18: Re: wow

by Drakas on 06/21/2007 00:15, refers to #17

I agree on this too ;)

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#19: More Screenshots

by marcpullen2 on 06/21/2007 02:34

Here are some different views and the /calclight 3. I did some with a bloom effect, looks all fancy and whatnot.









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#20: Re: More Screenshots

by tentus_ on 06/21/2007 05:42, refers to #19

There's really nothing I can say other than "OMFG." Those are amazing.

Makes me want to remodel those old food models, they're starting to look pretty low quality to me :(

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#21: Re: More Screenshots

by Passa on 06/21/2007 10:47, refers to #19

Very awesome stuff Fanatic :)

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#22: Re: More Screenshots

by _Fanatic on 06/21/2007 16:26, refers to #20

I actually would like more stuff to put inside the houses. Those models actually look pretty good to me. :)

But something like a mix of colonial and medieval type "stuff" that you would find in a house would be cool to have.

We really need some smaller light sources, like a small candle (just the wax part with a lit wick), an oil lamp, some wall scone looking type things, smaller wall torch or other access piece.

I really like the chains, those are useful all around. I wish they didn't block tho. The bounding box on it seems really offset a bit weird. Rotating it shows a bizzare bounding box.

Anyway, the food stuff works well. I put some of the apple slices under the table to make it look like they are slobs too. And one of the beds as a slice of apple pie under it. heh :)

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#23: ..

by makkE on 06/21/2007 16:36

Afaik the chains donīt clip anymore in cvs. For now, just add

mdlcollide 0

to their cfg.

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