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2006-12-04 "gui edition" release is out!

by Aardappel_ on 12/04/2006 07:50, 107 messages, last message: 01/15/2007 09:53, 83749 views, last view: 12/08/2022 02:33


from the history:

* added 'particletext' var for toggling particle text
* alias arguments now set by 'push' on execution, and restored by 'pop' after
* added 'push' and 'pop' commands for saving and restoring aliases
* glass reflection using environment maps
* added environment map entities (created by "newent envmap") for reflecting geometry
* added S3 texture compression support (controlled by "mintexcompresssize" var)
* added Gregor's new texture set and map, and many other new maps/media
* added heightmaps for most existing normalmapped textures, so we can have parallax on everything
* added scripting documentation for the rpg
* model rendering code now automatically generates triangle strips for both md2s and md3s
* added workaround for garbage in skybox on ATI cards (must be enabled explicitly by "/ati_skybox_bug 1" if necessary)
* fixed lighting bug in fixed-function mode that caused textures to saturate
* made selections solid. you can still use 'passthrough' to suppress it
* changed some default editing key bindings. right mouse is now the 'editextend' command, B is now change brush, Alt is now passthrough
* added multiple entity selection.
* added boolean operators to cubescript: &&(and), ||(or), ^(xor), !(not)
* exposed selecting to cube script. see "entselect, moving, dragging, entmoving" and related commands. ex: KP_Enter selects entity's within selection, etc.
* added a bunch of new editing commands to seperate much of the entity and cube commands in engine. overloading behaviours is now left to scripts. see data/stdedit.cfg
* new gui/menu system
* added surface merging that drastically reduces world geometry (done on remip/calclight)
* teams now automatically selected on any team mode by server
* added support for md3 vweps
* default enemy ogro skin is now always red (teammates always blue)
* added progress meters for base captures
* server will now pick map with most pending votes (if possible) at the end of a match
* reflections now use occlusion queries instead of distance check
* changed geometry rendering to use triangles instead of quads (consistent subdivision on all platforms)
* "newmap" is now synchronized across all clients in coopedit
* revised networking code to better utilize enet (less lag and bandwidth usage)

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#88: Re: Please help!

by eihrul on 12/15/2006 01:04, refers to #87

Delete your old config.cfg...

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#89: Re: Please help!

by Quin on 12/15/2006 02:52, refers to #88

http://cube.wikispaces.com/FAQ#tocFAQ7 *sigh*

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#90: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 12/30/2006 10:56

Oh, i'm really blind. I only noticed that version have been released out... 25 days ago. -_-

I'm going to test it...

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#91: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 12/30/2006 16:00

Very nice release. The menus are better than i was able to saw in the source used by the SauerBot mod.

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#92: Choppy music in gui edition on FreeBSD

by drache on 12/30/2006 20:00

Has anyone noticed choppiness in the music in the gui edition. I'm using the FreeBSD port of Sauerbraten. The water edition had no problems with music, I've turned down all the graphics thinking that maybe I had them set too high but that made no difference. I'm using a PCIE 6800GS video card and it handles everything fine. There's no choppiness in the old Cube release on the same machine.

I am left handed so I bind the key pad to the movement/weapon controls...I'll check that I'm not double binding something as maybe it's getting confused with what it needs to do when I push a key but I would think that would have more to do with the graphics than sound.

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#93: ..

by bbbaa on 12/31/2006 01:31

how can i create menus with this new realease ?

newgui crap
guibutton water /water
guibutton some /more
guibutton shit

but it doesnt work :(

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#94: ..

by mdkuser@ubuntu on 01/01/2007 21:39

I have the latest sauerbraten (gui-edition) installed under Linux using the ati's fglrx driver.
The Game runs fast and without problems for about 40 sec. then without warning the games crashes with the error message "could not build mipmaps"
video card is an radeon 9000.
previous sauerbraten release (water-edition) does not has these problems and runs ok on this machine.
what can I do?

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#95: water problems in new release

by theButcher on 01/01/2007 23:19

In the new release, the cool water just looks black again. It worked in the previous release. I'm pretty sure that i have the new drivers for my video card, but ill check again (it's an nVidia Geforce 6800) My guess is that it's something to do with the new occlusion queries?

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#96: Re: water problems in new release

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 01/02/2007 09:54, refers to #95

You maybe run in 16-bit mode. Sorry, you must be in 32-bit mode.

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#97: Re: water problems in new release

by Drakas on 01/02/2007 11:07, refers to #95

maybe change the waterrefraction to 1 and waterreflection to 1 or whatever else is available in your config.cfg ?

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#98: Re: water problems in new release

by mdkuser@ubuntu-linux on 01/02/2007 13:30, refers to #96

So how do I change running the game in 32bit mode? My Desktop is set to 16bit bit in the Xorg.conf I only find 16bit or 24bit entries. Is there a config option to change this to 32 in sauerbraten?

Switching off waterrefration does not hav any effect, the game still crashes. I will try 32bit mode.

BTW. Why 16bit mode has this problems?

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#99: Re: water problems in new release

by {LiD}CC_machine on 01/02/2007 14:07, refers to #98

don't you need to recompile the bins, like for 64-bit machines?

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#100: Re: water problems in new release

by Drakas on 01/02/2007 14:15, refers to #99

I think you didn't understand what mdkuser was talkign about.

mdkuser: cube.wikispaces.com is for all info you'll need (hint: look in the performance guide)

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#101: ..

by Max of S2D [Fr] on 01/05/2007 09:51

/fastshaders command crashes on the Windows release.

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#102: Re: water problems in new release

by theButcher on 01/07/2007 18:51, refers to #96

Sorry people, but running with -b32 didn't work. I'll try updating my drivers, and if that doesn't work, i'll come back here.

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#103: Re: water problems in new release

by theButcher on 01/07/2007 21:32, refers to #102

Now on the map that sauerbraten loads first, metl4, the water looks all nice and pretty. But when i reload metl4 or load another map, the water is just black again. This is after updating my graphics drivers. Could someone please help me here so that I can get pretty water wherever I go. Thanks.

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#104: Re: water problems in new release

by kurtis84 on 01/09/2007 00:49, refers to #103

theButcher: Are you 100% certain that waterreflect and waterrefract is set to 1 by default? Did you install a new sauer package into an old sauer dir ( this is a no-no ).

Your card drivers should be running sauer in whatever desktop color depth you're running, so if your desptop depth is 32, or 24 if you're on linux, then don't worry about -d32, as it's redundant in your case.

If all else fails, install sauer into a NEW dir, and see what happens...the water should look correct by default on a gf6800, as long as your drivers are up-to-date.

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#105: ..

by 1st Devoid on 01/13/2007 14:11

The HUD menu isnt very effecient when mapping... IMO

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#106: ..

by Passa on 01/14/2007 23:45

Found a bug; you can switch weapons in pause mode.

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#107: ..

by BlikjeBier on 01/15/2007 09:53

Nah, that's an undocumented feature :)

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