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"water" edition released! (2006-09-12)

by Aardappel_ on 09/13/2006 01:21, 153 messages, last message: 09/02/2007 16:54, 165696 views, last view: 04/13/2024 00:37


* new water rendering supporting reflection & refraction
* added "setteam" command for forcing teams via mastermode
* added support for material texture slots
* added "shaderdetail" var that can turn off some expensive shaders
* monsters wake up if monsters close to them get shot by a visible player
* dying while using a menu doesn't pop up the scoreboard anymore
* added a static version of the wiki to the documentation
* uniformly scaled down the spec factor in all maps from 8 to 6 (as used in metl4)
* deaths now spawn a number gibs depending on the amount of excess damage, if that is a lot then no corpse is rendered
* increased the minimum ambient light factor for opponents in multiplayer a lot (can't hide in the dark anymore)
* added simple keybinding options to the menus
* added damageblendfactor & damagespherefactor var
* starting grenades reduced to just 1
* added support for md2 vweps
* added optional flipping over X and Y axes to "texture" command
* added makke's new ammo/health models
* added models for rocket/grenade launcher projectiles
* fixed broken world-specular on ATI cards
* changed rendering architecture to do seperate Z pass to get more accurate occlusion culling and reduced pixelshader load

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#134: ..

by Drakas on 10/14/2006 10:15

CrazyTB: sounds great ;]
but didn't seem to happen to me but gonna have a go..

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#135: Message censored by administrator

by mahatmagandi on 11/21/2006 10:45

#136: edit mode problem

by NerfLad on 11/26/2006 03:29, refers to #134

I get a pretty serious error with edit mode:
I dont know if it is my config file, but in edit mode, i cannot multi-select cubes.

On some graphics cards, it simply does not show the grid, but it isn't selecting at all.

Could a possible fix be released soon?
This would help greatly since I am currently working on a new map.

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#137: Re: edit mode problem

by MeatROme on 11/26/2006 04:16, refers to #136

have you tried moving your config.cfg to broken_config.cfg and restarting?

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#138: Re: edit mode problem

by NerfLad on 11/26/2006 04:20, refers to #137

It was a compatility error. I installed water edition over my older sauerbraten files and borked the engine, but after doing a clean install, it works perfectly.

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#139: lighting error

by CC_machine-cookie#4MillionAdd1 on 11/26/2006 12:29

i have a lighting error in the new sauer:


seems to happen in the older releases also, on both my p4 2.8ghz with an ati radeon and my sempron 3400 geforce 6600 box...(both are running windows XP) any suggestions / is this a bug? i\'ve tried various commands in the readme that claim to help fixing this, but they havent lol. thnx in advance

also with different textures, there can be shadowy black lines between concave slopes

(please ignore the blueish dots in the piccyture, just the PNG compression...)

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#140: ...

by CC_machine-cookie#3millionand5 on 12/01/2006 21:16


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#141: Re: lighting error

by Passa on 12/01/2006 22:39, refers to #139

I'm not exactly sure what the error is there, looks fine to me. Lighting will always look a little weird on surfaces with a plain texture.

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#142: Problem with download

by cohadar on 12/07/2006 22:58

I cannot download new GUI edition.

Site does not let me use download manager but if i use simple download the connection breaks down.

Can someone plz share it on sheraza
or torrent or anything that has resume doenload

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#143: Sourceforge

by Morosoph on 12/08/2006 07:09

I am amazed at how people trust J. Random download sites. Get it from the source!


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#144: Yes I fuckin know

by cohadar on 12/08/2006 11:27

I am using Forefox 2.0
and a FDM (free download manager)

and souceforge does not let me dl
that file in FDM ,
and i certainly can't download it with
pure firefox becouse it always breaks down.

The previous relese on sourceforge works with FDM why did hey have to change it for the new one?

I think you should contact sf admins and ask them wtf is going on

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#145: Re: Yes I fuckin know

by Drakzz on 12/08/2006 12:09, refers to #144

Did you try using another web browser without any plugins?

"and souceforge does not let me dl that file in FDM ," < then download _that_ file NOT IN FDM?

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#146: ..

by Passa on 12/08/2006 12:33

You mention using Shareaza, just import the link into Shareaza and it will work fine.

Or get Flashget.

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#147: Problem with Cube 2

by Doomed666 on 12/08/2006 13:38

I can download Cube 2 and play on it but I can't bring up the menu. I have tried pressing the usual escape button, but still it wont come up.

Every time I do this a message comes up on the top left corner of the screen saying 'unkown command' and I can't quit out of Cube 2. To put it short, I cant do anything. The only way that I can quit out of Cube 2 is by pressing Ctrl, Alt and delete altogether.

Somtimes when I do this, my PC crashes and as a result I have to turn it off using the mains. It is annoying and damaging to my computer and I would be happy if you could sort this out please. :)

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#148: ..

by SanHolo on 12/08/2006 13:43

cohadar, maybe try a different mirror?

I get 7-10 MB/second from the university network, so bandwidth is no issue...

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#149: Thank you all for dl suggestion

by cohadar on 12/08/2006 13:46

I finally downloaded it by installing
dmextension for firefox.

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#150: Re: Problem with Cube 2

by MeatROme on 12/08/2006 14:18, refers to #147


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#151: Re: Problem with Cube 2

by eihrul on 12/08/2006 16:04, refers to #147

Remove your old config.cfg

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by verizon pix place 742002500 on 09/02/2007 16:54

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#153: Message censored by administrator

by verizon pix place 742002500 on 09/02/2007 16:54

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