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General Thread

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 01:55, 15472 messages, last message: 06/12/2020 13:02, 7486524 views, last view: 07/04/2020 17:16

for questions, announcements etc.

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#9282: Demo Fuction

by IhaveNoName on 10/12/2007 22:05

After so many patches for the Servers my client can\'t play a recorded demo :( I get the message, that I have a different verion to play the demo :(
Please Help me out....

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#9283: Re: Question zoom

by hampus_ on 10/13/2007 00:58, refers to #9273

Just don't use it with the other weapons. Problem solved ;)

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#9284: SpaceNavigator Integration

by Ben Garney on 10/13/2007 12:34

I had a little bit of time so I made a crude integration with the 3d connexion SpaceNavigator. It's simple but it makes editing a lot nicer!

You can get source & read about it at:


(win32 only)

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#9285: AC doc reference

by >driAn<. on 10/13/2007 13:28

a short explanation on how the ac doc reference works..


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#9286: Re: ..

by Xannin on 10/13/2007 19:37, refers to #9277

I know it sounds a little ridiculous but, couldn't you bind a script to the zooming weapon key that brings out the weapon and binds a key for zooming. Then bind scripts for the other weapons that would unbind the zoom key as it brings out the weapon?

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#9287: Re: ..

by MeatROme on 10/13/2007 20:40, refers to #9286

your question is oddly put ... but I think you want some form of zooming-script ... scourge http://quadropolis.us/flexinode/table/2?sort=asc&order=title

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#9288: Re: ..

by SheeEttin on 10/13/2007 21:37, refers to #9287

I think he's mistaken about the definition of "bind"...

The manual doesn't explain it and Wikipedia doesn't have an entry, so I'll define it.

To "bind" a key means to assign an action to that key, so when it's pressed, the action is made.

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#9289: Coop remip

by SheeEttin on 10/14/2007 00:36

So a new feature was introduced recently, the one that causes everyone to remip if everyone remips (in coop).
Problem is, I do a lot of remipping, so it's very annoying to other people.
Does anyone know how I might go about disabling this (or better yet, creating another /remip that doesn't make everyone do it)? I've been reading the source, but I can't figure out where it actually does the network remipping. Closest I found was line 458 in engine/octa.cpp, but that's only if it's a local game...

Any help, if only a suggestion as to which file or function to look in, would be very much appreciated.

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#9290: Re: Coop remip

by eihrul on 10/14/2007 01:38, refers to #9289

You're not supposed to disable it. Once you remip, your map has changed in a way that has made it incompatible with all other clients. Unless the other clients remip, then you are no longer editing the same maps. That is there by necessity, not choice.

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#9291: Re: Coop remip

by MovingTarget on 10/14/2007 01:40, refers to #9289

That IS annoying. Look in fps.cpp, line 667 to 671. (I think) that case statement means if you do a remip, it sends a message to the server so everyone else must also remip. So you should only have to remove that case statement, and you'll be good.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


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#9292: Re: ..

by Xannin on 10/14/2007 01:54, refers to #9287

It's not the zooming part that I am musing about, it's making it so that the zoom is only available on a certain weapon without having to alter the source code.

So SheeEttin, your saying that you can't make it so that when you press a key, a script is executed?

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#9293: Re: ..

by demosthenes on 10/14/2007 02:07, refers to #9292

It's not about pressing keys anyway. I can still type /weapon 3 3 3 and then /fov 30 and get a zoomed in rocket launcher, or /bind lctrl [if (= $fov 120) [fov 30] [fov 120] ] and magically have a zoom script bound to a key.

You can't restrict fov changes to a single weapon without altering the source, and I don't think you should do that even then. I prefer to play with a field of view angle of 100, not 120, which is part of the reason I'm not really interested in Blood Frontier at the moment. Because the method used to implement anti-zoom-scripting in BF is to lock fov to 120 except when using the rifle, in which case it allows you to zoom in to another fixed fov, without any sensitivity compensation.

Ugh, way way longer than I wanted and I did not intend to rant against BF, which is actually quite good except for the silly locked perspective.

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#9294: Re: Coop remip

by SheeEttin on 10/14/2007 04:15, refers to #9290

Really? Then how did it work before? Did it only remip, then lose the remipping next time someone else edited?

Oh well... guess I'll just have to get used to remipping less often when in coop.

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#9295: Re: Coop remip

by eihrul on 10/14/2007 04:26, refers to #9294

It didn't really ever work, just no one noticed.

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#9296: Jailbreak - My map, public beta

by Voker57 on 10/14/2007 14:08

please, download, play, test, discuss :)

It\'s general amusement/story map. no monsters. I plan to make dm version though.

Here\'s the link: http://nbl.yurx.com/down/jailbreak.zip

Unpack this into your data/base directory, type /sp jailbreak in game console and enjoy

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#9297: Re: Jailbreak - My map, public beta

by Voker57 on 10/14/2007 14:10, refers to #9296

oops,sorry -- dir is packages/base

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#9298: Re: Jailbreak - My map, public beta

by Drakas on 10/14/2007 15:52, refers to #9296

404 Not Found...

The actual link is http://nbl.yurx.com/down/Jailbreak.zip

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#9299: Re: Jailbreak - My map, public beta

by Voker57 on 10/14/2007 15:55, refers to #9298

Right...another mistype :)

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#9300: Textures

by Dracion on 10/14/2007 18:42


I've started making maps for sauerbraten, and I noticed that there are seemingly hundreds of textures available. Does anyone what the exact figure is? It's not vitally important, but I'd like to know, if possible.


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#9301: Re: Textures

by MovingTarget on 10/14/2007 20:20, refers to #9300

In response to your question, it would be almost impossibly hard to determine the number of texture because of the matching normal maps and masks etc. Excluding all skyboxes, model skins and masks, I got 1819. Of course, like I said, this includes all normal map pics etc. So the actual number of textures is probably a little more than half that.


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