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General Thread

by Aardappel on 01/05/2002 01:55, 15431 messages, last message: 06/21/2017 23:59, 5675188 views, last view: 06/26/2017 17:23

for questions, announcements etc.

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#15449: Server Gamemodes

by Lord_Binary on 11/14/2016 08:01

Hello everyone.

I hope people use this forum, so...

I have a server running Sauerbraten, and I want to have ffa and instagib running.

ffa is by default, running but...


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#15450: ..

by asmanel on 11/14/2016 11:11

Did you try to use the command mode and, if yes, how ?

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#15452: Server setup

by eXist on 12/05/2016 23:02

Hey everyone, I have a friend trying to host a Sauer server. He has port 8785 open and updatemaster enabled, but I can't see the server in the browser. Is there something we're doing wrong? Thanks!

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#15453: ..

by chasester on 12/08/2016 12:20


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#15454: Re: ..

by eXist2 on 12/14/2016 20:17, refers to #15453


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#15455: Sauerbraten 4 consoles?

by Apfelkuchen on 12/23/2016 12:00

Hello everyone,

Enjoying Sauerbraten for a long time on pc I would like to play it now on my Xbox but unfortunately there are yet no ported versions on any console, aren't there?

Do you know if there are any good games on console that are pretty similar to Sauerbraten?

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#15456: Re: Sauerbraten 4 consoles?

by hypernova3 on 12/27/2016 19:29, refers to #15455

Hey there!
I heard there was console controller support for Sauerbraten available somewhere, would you like playing Sauerbraten on your PC with a console controller?
I don't know of many similar games to Sauerbraten available for console, because consoles are typically not used to play fast, high-precision fps games.

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#15457: Radar Map file?

by n00bguy on 01/03/2017 01:03

I'm making a sauerbraten board game and I noticed that the radar in-game is a great overhead shot of any map... where can I find these images? Are they files located somewhere, or do I need to convert them into image files?

Thanks in advance, I hope this place is still active.

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#15458: ..

by asmanel on 01/03/2017 13:35

Minimaps (radar maps) aren't stored, They
automatically are generated by the game

In AssaultCube (and most of its mods and forks), the minimap can be exported witt the command mapshot.

In Sauerbraten, however, this command doesn't exist and, apparently, there is no command doing this.

So, to get Sauerbraten minimaps, you'll probably need to mod the game (I mean edit and recompile the C++ source code)

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#15459: Re: ..

by hypernova3 on 01/05/2017 20:23, refers to #15458

I'm not fully sure what mapshot does in AssaultCube, but it may be easier to set a transparent radar and screenshot it, depending what you want.

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#15460: Re: ..

by suicizer03 on 01/10/2017 09:22, refers to #15459

The font of the radar should be at the directory "Sauerbraten/packages/hud", called "radar.png".

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#15461: I want YOU!

by intercooler on 02/08/2017 23:45

After fighting off the waves and waves of zombies and other survivors we are now looking for some help. We feel that our game is at a point now that game play itself is good and our features are bountiful. What we need is people interested in revamping exciting maps or creating new and exciting ones.

Whats in it for you?

Besides the feeling of joy and warm fuzzes that a map you made is in a game you will also get credit on our games "Read Me" and a "Thank you" in game item (We are working on a few ideas).

What we need

If you have played RR before you will see that we have many different game types (Capture The Flag, Free For All, Co-op Survival and more). What we are looking for is either maps designed for one of these game types or they can be maps that are designed for more then one type. We are looking for detailed and quality maps that will provide hours of game play for everyone.

Got an idea for a mod instead of a map?

That's great too! If you have an idea for a game mod or enhancement feel free to upload it to our indiedb and we will try it out. If it is something we like then we will include it in the next official release!

Here is a link to our indiedb page http://www.indiedb.com/games/revelade-revolution/

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#15462: Unable to Connect to Hosts (Mac)

by ZarytePK on 02/25/2017 14:08

Hey Guys, im back for playing Sauerbraten after several years of abstinence. I succesfully installed the game on my Macbook, but somehow the only lobby i can connect with is the Zombie-Game. Im really looking forward to some Ctf or Venice, so can anyone tell me how i can fix this?

Hallo Leute, nach Jahren der Abstinenz kehre ich wieder zu Sauerbraten zurück. Ich hab das Spiel erfolgreich auf dem Macbook installiert, doch leider ist die einzige Lobby mit der ich mich verbinden kann die vom Zombie-Spielmodus. Ich würde mich wirklich freuen mal wieder ne Runde Ctf oder Venice zu spielen, von daher:
Weiß hier jemand wie dieses Problem zu lösen ist?

Mfg ZarytePK

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#15463: Re: Unable to Connect to Hosts (Mac)

by hypernova3 on 02/28/2017 21:49, refers to #15462

Hey there,
Welcome back!
Are you running the latest version of the game? (Collect Edition).
Could you clarify what you mean by you're not able to connect to other servers? Do you see the other servers in the browser? Do you get an error message when you connect to them?

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#15465: How do I travel to other maps with the Cube 2 engine?

by swift master on 03/25/2017 22:21

I am using this version of your engine:

The developer hasn't updated it for many years. He didn't finish the part of his tutorial that says "intermap travel".

I've searched your website and this forum for hours and I haven't found an answer.

I tried "/newent teleport" and the engine says "unknown entity type 'teleport'".

The GUI displays a button for "teledest", but it doesn't have a button for "teleport".

I want a character on Map 1 to walk to a spot that will bring him to Map 2. Is this engine capable of that behavior?

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#15466: How do I travel to other maps with the Cube 2 engine?

by swift master on 03/25/2017 23:43

I tried to travel to a different map by talking to a character that has this script attached, but it causes the engine to crash and shut off:

r_script_node "main" [ result "Leaving Village" ] [
map area2

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#15467: How do I travel to other maps with the Cube 2 engine?

by swift master on 03/26/2017 04:46

The designer of the Lamiae mod fixed my problem. You can ignore my posts!

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#15468: Playstation 4 controller speaker output

by Fenderbee on 05/11/2017 17:55

Hey guys!

I want to re-do the sound in the game using the Wwise middleware. Wwise has a secondary audio output for use with things such as a playstation 4 controller speaker.

basically, I want to connect a PS4 controller to a PC running cube. Then using the secondary audio bus in Wwise, I want to play select sounds, such as voice over, from the PS4 controller speaker.

is this possible?

thank you for the help guys!

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#15469: any thing is posible

by chasester on 05/12/2017 16:38

Sauer uses SDL for sound so I would google ps4 controller sdl and see what you get, Its probably intergrated in sdl though it may not be in sdl 1.4 which I do believe is the version of sauer, they are on 2.0.5 now which may mean updating it, which maybe be more difficult then you wanted. There are other projects of sauer that have sdl 2.0.4 or 5 Tesseract is one of them, so maybe trying it in that maybe easier :)

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#15470: How can i change my scoreboard

by creatoon on 06/21/2017 23:59

Guys when i press the TAB button i only see ping and name how can i see kills , nationality etc. ?

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